Rolled Brass Snare Drum

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The Brass Bomb

Our 14 x 6.5, 1mm Rolled Brass Snare Drum is an extraordinary addition to any drum kit.

Suspended in the patented Sleishman snare drum system this Brass Bomb will blow you away! Extremely tunable sound from a huge low almost synth sound to a thick piercing snare drum sound, this drum carries tone through all pitches!

Our 1mm rolled brass snare drum is available as an add-on with any Sleishman Pro Series Rock or Studio Kit as a shell only. By simply removing the top head and hoop on your Pro Series snare drum you can remove the 10ply maple shell that comes standard with your Sleishman Pro Series and replace it with the brass shell. Voilà – 2 Snare Drums 1 System!


All our Pro Series snare drums are available through our online store!

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