In 1968 Sleishman invented and developed the worlds first ‘Twin Pedal’ for drummers.


Original Twin. Where double kicking began.

With our patented pedal design, perfect balance is now finally achieved… Its logical set up puts you into the center of your drum kit. The Sleishman Twin Pedal is the only one on the market that has exactly the same action for both left and right, without incorporating any bulky extension arms or universal joints.


Don’s initial idea for a twin pedal for one bass drum first came along when he noticed a good friend of his could do great nerve rolls with both feet. Don’s first thought after seeing this amazing, natural technique was ‘Hey… you have to get into playing double bass drums!’ This friend of Don’s also had a disability, which meant that carrying 2 bass drums around was really not an option. So, the seed was sewn.

There was that classic light bulb moment…… ‘two pedals on one drum.’

Big Band legend, Louie Belson’s famous double bass set up was an inspiration for Don as he designed and built early prototypes. With hands and feet directly in line with each other, along with a central position at the drum set, a real balance was felt by those open to Don’s new idea.



1971  saw the Sleishman Twin pedal patented, produced and commercially marketed.

Both pedals are chain drive and have an effortless, free movement that is lightning fast and incredibly powerful. It’s all due to perfectly balanced angles… Total symmetry across the entire pedal.



“These pedals are smart, they make sense!” – Will Calhoun – Living Colour

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