Roger Taylor
“Round, crisp, true, revolutionary! I am converted.”
Roger Taylor Queen
Sylvia Massey
“Sleishman Drums make good drummers sound great.”
Sylvia Massey Producer (Tool, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System Of A Down, Skunk Anansie, Prince, Elton John)
Will Calhoun
“These pedals just make sense.”
Will Calhoun Living Colour
Junior Jones
“These drums are off da grid…the pedals make sense!”
Junior Jones Australian Drummer (Danielle Gaha, Deni Hines, Grace Knight)
Kayleigh Moyer
“Gosh I love these drums…. and they sound even better than they look!”
Kayleigh Moyer Nashville Drummer
Roy Wooten
“I REALLY dig these drums man!!”
Roy Wooten (5 x Grammy Award Winner) Bella Fleck and the Flecktones