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The Sleishman Pro Series Rock Kit is just that….. ROCK!!


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The Sleishman Pro Series Rock Kit is just that….. ROCK!!

Solid and built to be on the stage, the Rock kit is a great upgrade for the serious teen and ideal for the gigging drummer. With 2 floor toms you are open to versatility within your set up. If space is an issue – just grab your rack tom and 14″ floor tom. If not take the rack and 16″ floor…. or…..go all out and take BOTH!!

Packed full of power and versatility the Rock kit is great for all situations, musical and otherwise!


  • Undersized shell w/ 65 / 45 Bearing Edges
  • 1.6mm ply Shells Specific to Pro Series
  • 100% AAA Grade US Maple Shells
  • Perfect 3 Point Laminating
  • The Sleishman Patented Tuning System
  • True Virgin Bass Drum
  • 14 x 5.5 Snare Drum w/ Sleishman Butt Plate
  • Stainless Steel Sleishman Ring, Tension Rods and Mounting Plates

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Class Sound. Class Looks.

All Sleishman Pro Series drums are hand finished, using only the highest quality stains, paints and lacquer.

Choose from: Natural Gloss, Satin Walnut, Matte Black** or Satin Burgundy shell finishes.

And either Classic Chrome, Black Texture or Frosted Silver system hardware.

**Matte Black Finish is not available on Bop or Fusion configurations.

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Remo_Drumhead_ resize

Remo USA heads fitted as standard on every Sleishman Pro Series kit.

Toms: Batter – Emperor (Clear or Coated) Resonant – Ambassador (Clear)

Bass Drums: Batter- Powerstroke 3 (Clear) Resonant – Powerstroke 3 (Black or White)

Snares: Batter: Control Sound C.S. Dot (Coated) Snare Side: Ambassador Hazy

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Good wood.

Absolutely no corners are cut in creating superb quality ply shells for every Pro Series kit. Only the very best A grade US maple is used to craft each shell to exacting standards.

Sleishman Shells are specifically designed undersized shells. Our outer 65 edge brings the already undersized shell peak diameter in to almost 1/2 an inch smaller than a standard shell. Our Inner 45 edge gives us the perfect peak.The peak of our bearing edge being 1/2 an inch undersized allows ANY head to sit flat on our edge, allowing for more tone, sustain, and lower tuning options. This is made possible by our oversized re-enforcement rings formed with the shell creating rigidity to carry vibrations from the head through the shell.

Bearing Edge Specs

  • Sleishman Ply Info
  • 5 Ply 1.6mm shell, 4ply focus ring
    Floor Toms
  • 6 ply 1.6mm Shell, 4 ply focus ring
    Bass Drums
  • 7 ply 1.6mm Shell, 4 ply focus ring
    Snare Drums
  • 10 ply 1.6mm Shells

How the Patented Sleishman System Works.

The Pro Series In Action!